Friday, May 20, 2011

My New Favorite Chocolate Frosting

A few weeks ago Stinkerbelle wanted to try out a new recipe for chocolate cake.  It didn't really turn out (notice the cake is not very high!!), and the recipe for the frosting sounded a bit strange to me.  So I went looking online for a recipe that looked good.  We really liked this frosting and it is now my go-to recipe for chocolate frosting!  I found it at All

Creamy Chocolate Frosting

2 ¾ c confectioners sugar
6 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
6 Tbsp butter
5 Tbsp evaporated milk
1 Tsp vanilla

Sift sugar and cocoa, set aside.  Cream butter until smooth, then gradually beat in sugar mixture alternately with evaporated milk.  Blend in vanilla.  Beat until light and fluffy.
**will frost, but not fill a layer cake**



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