Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wearing Skirts In The Winter

Since the weather for the next few days will barely be above freezing, I though it would be a perfect time to talk about wearing skirts during the winter.  Remember, I live in Wisconsin, where it gets very cold, but I still want to wear skirts in the winter.

I am a turtle~neck and sweater kind of girl.  This is what I feel most comfortable in and wear most days during the winter. It is also quite warm.  If you don't like turtle necks (my girls don't!) cami's or shells are great for layering.
Black Tee

During the winter, I most often wear a denim skirt.  They are heavier than my cotton skirts, and therefore warmer.  These are also the skirts I love wearing as they are comfortable, and anything matches with them.  I also have a denim skirt that is floor length for warmth during the winter (my absolute favorite skirt!). 
Corduroy skirts should also keep you warm.  I don't own any, but I love this skirt from Deborah and Co.  This skirt is on clearance right now for a great price!  Sadly, they don't have my size or I would be ordering this skirt!
Image 1
Tights or leggings are a must during the winter.  I don't care for leggings, but my girls do, and they wear them under their skirts.  I prefer tights, and have found lots of colors and styles out there.  They are comfortable, and keep your legs warm if you are going out.  When I am at home, sometimes I wear a pair of wool socks over the tights.
I also have a long coat to wear when I am outside.  This helps keep my entire body warm, and cover's most of my legs as well.
Wearing skirts is what I am most comfortable in since I've started wearing them.  Winter in Wisconsin doesn't have to stop that!

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  1. When I was going to school in Moorhead, Minnesota, I found that wearing a wool skirt with long johns underneath(This was in the days before leggings. :-) was actually warmer than jeans or corduroys.

  2. Thanks for these tips! When I was in college, I wore a skirt once a week during the winter and discovered that tights are definitely a must! I wish I would have owned some heavier ones back then like you have. :)

  3. I don't wear skirts or dresses very often especially in the winter, but I did walk to church on Christmas Eve (which you can read about here: and wore a knee length jumper with fleece lined leggings under it. It was pretty cold outside, but I was warmer with those leggings than I am in jeans!

  4. I've been wearing skirts & dresses only for about the last 7 yrs. It's a matter of modesty & testimony for me. I layer, layer ,layer. If you think something is important, you will find a way to do it. Keep up the godly testimony.

  5. I love reading about you wearing skirts!! I was thinking that temps about freezing aren't that cold (because it was about 2* this morning) until you lived in WI. I know it gets colder there than here!! I love my denim and leggings when I am cold. My son lives in WI :-)

  6. I am visiting from Deep Roots at Home. This is one of my goals for 2013. I wear skirts the rest of the year, just don't have the legs/shoes figured out for winter. Please read my post:

  7. Hi There, I also love to wear skirts, I like the fleeced lined tights! Need to stay warm, but today it is 70 out in Co.
    Blessings, Roxy

  8. I love that corduroy skirt, but alas, they don't carry too many plus sized skirts. Hence, I do not have one either. ;) I live in Minnesota and I have actually found, as crazy as it seems, that I am warmer in my leggings and skirts than I ever was in jeans! Who knew?! I have made or thrifted most my skirts but I did find a website that supplies hand made plus size, simple customized skirts from 0 to 4x! They also sell girls sizes. I was very pleased with my Christmas skirt! Check out :)
    Warm wishes from across the border!

  9. I praise God I found your Blog. I too am a skirt and dress girl. Leggings are fun and for me necessary at Church here in Miami, Florida they love air conditioning even in the winter. I have been thinking of starting a Blog to share my thought, ideas, cooking, and crafting... Is it an expense?

  10. I wear skirts most of the time and agree that it's entirely possible to be warm in skirts. In fact, I'm almost always warmer in skirts and leggings than I am in any of my pants. On the most bitter cold days (or if I'm going to be outside for a length of time) I wear polarfleece leggings that I purchased from Cabelas. Those things are super toasty!

    In Christ,

  11. One thing that has really helped me is to wear to two skirts at the same time. I know it sounds strange, but it works really well! I have a few skirts that are straighter that work well to wear under the full ones. Sometimes, even wearing a jean skirt under a different skirt gives me the warmth I need! This also can help skirts that are a little "clingy" not to "cling" so much. Blessings to you.


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