Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Stockpile Challenge~~How Is It Going?

This summer I started a stockpile challenge.  The goal is to start stocking up on items that we regularly use using a small weekly budget and combining coupons with sales to get the lowest price on products. 

I have not done this on a weekly basis, but I have found some great deals and gotten a good start on my stockpile.  This is what I bought at Walgreens recently for less than $10....

Kleenex tissues ~~ on sale for 88 cents each, added a coupon making them around 75 cents each.
Lever soap ~~ on sale buy one get one free, added 2 coupons {Walgreens lets you use coupons even if you will be getting the product for free before coupon!}...received both for pennies!
Bic razors ~~on sale buy one get one free, added 2 coupons, received both for less than $1!
Reach toothbrush ~~ on sale for $2.99, received a RR {register reward} for $2, had coupon for $1 off, making this free!
Laudry detergent ~~on sale buy one get two free, added 2 coupons to make them around $1 for all three!

I paid around $8 for the above items and had a $2 RR to use next time!

Here's my updated stockpile list...
toilet paper~7 rolls per week =168 rolls
tissues~3 boxes per month =18 {have 6 on hand}

feminine supplies~1 box tampons and 1 box pads =6 boxes of each {have 2 boxes of pads on hand}
toothpaste~2 tubes per month =12 {have 2 tubes on hand}
Dixie cups~1 box per month =6 {have 2 boxes on hand}
contact lens solution~1 bottle per month =6
deodorant~4 per month =24 {have 2 on hand}
toothbrushes~7 per month =42 {have 9 on hand}
liquid hand soap~we make ours last longer so 2 large refill bottles should last about a year.
dish soap~1 bottle per month =6 {have 4 on hand}
dishwasher detergent~we make our own and I try to stock up on the ingredients when they go on sale.
shampoo~3 bottles per month =18
conditioner~4 bottles per month =24  {remember I make our own fabric softner with conditioner}
bath soap~3 bars per month =18 {have 4 on hand]
bathroom cleaner~2 cans per month =12
laundry detergent~I usually make my own, but if there is a really good sale that I can add a coupon to, I may consider getting it. {have 3 on hand}
It is great to stock up on items when I can get them at the lowest price.  How are you doing on your stockpile?


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  1. What a great challenge! You are inspiring me to try to build up our supplies. :-)

  2. Wow, it looks like you're doing great! I need to work on our stockpile: my goal right now is to have enough food to feed us for three months. Sometimes I do great, then I get lazy and use it all up! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great job!!!
    I did a major stock up in March of this year. We are still using from that stock up. It is a great thing to be able to just "shop" from your own store, isn't it?!

    Thanks for linking up at our DIY Accomplished link up!


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