Tuesday, January 15, 2013

8 Ways To Bless Your Husband

  hubby took this picture while camping with one of our sons this past summer
My marriage is one of my most important priorities, but sometimes it can slide to a lesser priority if I don't work at it.  Here's a few ways that we can all work on our marriages, while blessing our husbands at the same time.
  • Listen to him.  Listen to him when he tells you what he likes or doesn't like.  My hubby doesn't have much to say about what I wear (do you like pink or blue better?), how I style my hair (do you like it long or short?), meals (do you want chicken or beef?), and many other things.  But one day he stated that he likes the smell of coconut shampoo.  I went and sniffed out all the shampoo's in the store to find one that smelled like coconut~just because he likes it!
  • Look attractive for him.  If you are a stay~at~home mom, it is easy to throw your hair in a pony tail and wear your most comfy pair of whatevers.  Comb your hair, put some color on your lips, put on a clean shirt (because we know that there is spit up, spaghetti sauce, and something else we can't recognize on our shirts by the end of the day!!) and greet him at the door with a smile and kiss when he gets home.
  • Create a peaceful environment.  Make sure the house is picked up, kids are cleaned up, and supper is warming when hubby comes home from work.  It is easy to think "Good he's home, now it's his turn to take care of things!"  If he likes to unwind after work, give him a few minutes.  If he enjoys some rough~housing with the kids, let supper wait 15 minutes.  Whatever he needs to get in the right frame of mind for his family, allow it.
  • Let him know you miss him.  I am not a huge fan of texting, but a simple text or e~mail letting him know you miss him and are looking forward to his return will make him rush home after work.
  • Do things with him that you  know he likes.  I don't particularly enjoy football, but my hubby is a big Green Bay Packers fan.  I used to enjoy annoying him during the games, but now I feel differently.  This is something that he enjoys, so I sit (mostly quietly!) with him and watch the game with him.  Try this in any area~movies, sports, concerts, games, etc.
  • Be available for him.  It is easy to focus all your attention on your children~especially if they are small~and give hubby our leftovers.  Make yourself available for him when he wants to talk with you.  He'll know that he is a priority in your life and he'll be happier.
  • Pray for him.  This is by far the most important in my opinion.  I love the book "The Power of a Praying Wife".  It has 30 things to pray over your husband.  I have them written down in my bible, whatever date we are on is what I pray over my husband that day.
  • Love him!  What used to be cute, you now find annoying.  What you once thought attractive, you now find ridiculous.  It's easy to let those little things become big things.  Love him like you did on your wedding day.  Sometimes that's easier said than done, but ask the Lord to direct you in this area.
Looking over this list, I'm reminded that I need to work on some area's of my marriage.  I think I'm going to go text my hubby right now!! 



  1. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I LOVE your list! And it just tickles my fancy how you found coconut scented shampoo because he said he liked it!

    It's so true - we need to listen deeply to understand what our husbands like. I've been married 28 years (known Rob for 32) and it wasn't till two years ago that I knew he liked pudding! Like "duh"! How could it take over 25 years and how many meals I've cooked, to know my husband likes pudding?? There's always something new to learn about our spouse!

    It's a great list - and warms my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful reminders. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Hi Jess, this is a great list of things we can do. So glad you linked it to Winsome Wednesday. I trust those who need to read it will. I am going to list this under my list of favourites over at My Daily Walk so its easy for me to find :)
    God bless

  5. Great list! Just this morning I sent my husband a sweet text, and he was so touched by it. I MUST do that more often!

  6. This is a very practical list. Thanks.


  7. Thank you, Jess. What a great reminder! I'm following you from Into the Word Wednesday!

  8. Jess, this is a beautiful list! I love the coconut shampoo! Just the other morning, my sweet husband {who has never in 32 years of marriage said a negative word about anything I've ever worn} asked me if perhaps I could retire my most-beloved, stained, ratty robe. I love that robe. It's one of my dearest friends... But alas, I love my man even more and so it's now in the trash. Now, that's love!!
    Thanks for these great reminders!
    Blessings to you ~ Mary

  9. Hi Jess, thank you for sharing this on my link up, what a wonderful post. Tara.

  10. Excellent! I am always encouraging women to be their best, have a serving spirit -- Great advice you have here :) Have a blessed day!

  11. i LOVE this! My heart exactly! Thanks for sharing some simple ways we can honor and respect our men!

    So glad you linked up this week!

  12. These are really good thoughts (I especially needed the last one). Another thing I try is to take an interest in his work - my husband is working on his PhD so a lot of things go over my head, but I know that he loves it when I ask questions and remember some of the key things he's doing. :)

  13. I for a long time thought that creating a peaceful environment for him was over-rated. My husband doesn't really care if the house is clean...What I discovered is that I'm more able to greet him, my mind is clearer, and I'm more calm when the house is not tornado alley. It's never spotless, but it is not a disaster either. (most days) :)

    A calm me = A better welcome back home.

    Beautiful post,



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  15. I like this, because it isn't one-size-fits all advice. It really encourages us to get to know our husbands and do special things for them specifically.

  16. Very great list you have! I agree with all of them. If we think back to when we were dating, we wouldn't dream of letting our hubby see us in a big mess...so I do like to put on my makeup and fix my hair each day.


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