Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 In Review

2011 has come to an end, and I thought it would be good to re-evaluate all that has occured in our lives this year.  We are indeed blessed, and reflecting on the blessings we've received this year helps me to remember that.  Here's the rundown on 2011.....

January~ We became a homeschooling family.  While this was something I had prayed for over the past few years, the realization that the Lord had finally brought our family here was a bit frightning.  Things started off well, and I can truthfully say we have found how to make things work.  We are all enjoying it, and I am thankful for this opportunity to watch our children grow.

February~ Our baby turned 2 this month.  How quickly he went from our tiniest baby to a toddler.  He is always smiling or giggling and he makes life so much fun. 

March~ Our oldest turned 14 this month. quickly time flies!  She is becoming a beautiful young woman, and I am looking forward to how God works in her life.  She continued at the Christian School, and is involved in anything she can be.

April~ Spring is coming and with it the promise of good things to come.  We found out that we were expecting another child.  We may already have 5 children, but it is always exciting to see that + sign on the pregnancy test!

May~ 8th grade graduation for Stinkerbelle.  Reflecting on how much she has grown was a bit overwhelming for this mamma!  She loved to tell us all how she was now officially a high schooler!

June~ We were saddened at the news that our baby would not be held in our arms here on earth.  This was a difficult time, however, we knew that the Lord has a plan for this special child and we were comforted to know that Jesus was holding our sweet baby.

July~ Enjoying the warmth of summer!  We started working on the landscaping (well...truthfuly hubby is doing most of the work!) around our house.  Summer is such a great time to enjoy life.  I also made the switch to wearing skirts (something I have not regretted).

August~ We went camping for a week at a state campground.  Camping is one of our favorite things to do for vacations.  It is great to just slow down, enjoy the outdoors, swim, hike, and of course campfires!  We enjoyed Sweetcheeks 5th birthday while we were camping (a first for our family as most of our birthdays arrive when snow is present!)

September~ Back to school time!  Spud started public school to help him with some of his needs, Stinkerbelle started high school at our Christian school, and I continued to homeschool Sport and Sweetcheeks (just a few lessons).  Volleyball started for Stinkerbelle as well~a sport she loves!

October~ Stinkerbelle's surgery.  She spent the month recovering from this painful surgery.  She recovered very quickly~which we are all grateful for~ and is now doing very well.  With the exception of a few activities (mostly sports) she is back to 100%.

November~ Time to remember all we have to be thankful for.  Sweetcheeks lost her first tooth and learned to ride a bike!  We enjoyed some fall activities for school, and the smells of apples and pumpkin in the  kitchen!  We enjoyed waaay to much turkey and stuffing, and we went out for our annual Saturday-after-Thanksgiving-Christmas-tree-hunt (next year we ARE going to cut our own down!)!

December~ Celebrating the births of two of our kiddo's and our Saviour.  Sport turned 13 this month and Spud turned 9.  Lots of fun celebrations with family, baking lots of yummy goodies, Christmas cards (I love getting them!) and spent time together as a family as hubby was blessed to take some time off of work during the Christmas break.  We went back to a tradition we had lost over the past few years~a candle light dinner on Christmas Eve~a tradition I would like to take up again. 

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family for 2012.  I'm working on setting some personal goals as well.  My prayer is that I would be willing to accept the Lord's will for my life and for my family, and would have a closer walk with Him.  I pray that for you, my friends, as well.

Have a wonderful year!


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