Friday, May 25, 2012

Frigal Living~~Toys For A Large Family

We have been asked in the past (especially around the holidays) how we buy toys for our children, and what we do buy for them.  The answer is simply~we don't buy much for toys for our family.

We have a wonderful thrift store near our house.  A lot of what we buy comes from there.  Last summer our youngest daughter was in need of a new bike as she was outgrowing hers.  We didn't run and get her the shiniest, flashiest new bike at the store.  We watched each week at the thrift store and we found a great bike for her for $5.  She loves it because it is pink and princess.  We love it because it was only $5!  It took some patience on our part, but for us it was worth it.
Sweetcheeks on her "new" bike last fall.
We bought a Little Tykes car for Sunshine~also at the thrift store~for $5.  This was the best $5 we've spent.  We have always wanted one of these cars for our kiddo's, but didn't want to spend the money on getting a new one.  When we saw this at the store, we were excited to finally bring one home for our kids.  We have truly been blessed to see how much fun he has with this toy.
Sunshine with his "new" car!

We visit the thrift store often, and so have bought Barbies, puzzles, board games, Lego's, sandbox toys, cars, and so much more from there.  Most of it is in really great shape, if not almost new condition.  Another great part is that when our kiddo's outgrow or don't use the toys anymore, we donate it right back to the thrift store (although I'm pretty sure that Sunshine will drive the wheels right off the Little Tykes car!).

As I think about it now, our kids really only get "new" toys for their birthdays or Christmas~and it's usually from family members.  This "thrifting" lifestyle is how our kids are growing up, and it is great to see them get excited about a new~to~them toy for just a couple of bucks.  It also is great because they can buy their own toys if they get some money.

So...our kids have plenty of toys to play with (sometimes too many!), and we don't break the bank getting them! 


"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God"
1 Corinthians 10:31

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