Monday, September 2, 2013

The Hands Of Time

Sometimes I wish all of our clocks looked like the one above.  Time could just stand still and kiddo's would never grow up. 

That's how I felt this week.  Our 6 year old decided to put on a one~singer~concert.  She of course was the one singer.  As we sat there watching her, I couldn't help but think back 10 years to when her older sister was this age.  She would do the same cute things as her younger sister is now doing.  Putting on concerts or plays.  Coming up with a new game we just had to do with her.  All those fun and cute things a 6 year old comes up with.  I wish I could just freeze time.

But of course I can't.  I need to cherish today and be grateful for it.  Every day is a gift and I need to remember to look for the beauty in it.  Each stage of childhood is unique.  If I freeze time on my 6 year old, I'd miss the joy in the stages as she grows.  Someday our kids will be grown with families of their own.  Then we'll start a whole new stage in our kids' lives! 

Will I look back on this time with them and say that I enjoyed each day with them.  Did I live each day to it's fullest?  Did I love them with all my heart and teach them to see the beauty in each day?  I pray I will say YES!

Will you?


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