Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our "Crazy Normal"

Life has been crazy over the past few weeks.

This is normal for our family!

I was recently asked by someone who had learned of our daughter's surgery if our life is ever normal.  I had to answer "this IS normal for our family!"

We have five children, two adults, and one fat cat living in this house.  One of our children has autism and a physical disability.  One of our children recently had a major surgery.  One of our children had a heart defect taken care of 3 years ago, and was hospitalized for a heart problem last year.  One of our children is going to be potty trained soon.  Life is always moving and things are rarely the same from one day to the next.  And some times it is just plain crazy!!

I do sometimes wish for days when I can stay home and not worry about who's got the next appointment.  I do wish I could spend a day doing exactly what I had planned.  I wish my house was always clean and tidy.  I wish I didn't have to think about finances, specialists, or special equipment.

But I DON'T wish these days away.  I know they are fleeting.  I see that when I look at my 14 year old's face and wonder how we got here (and why I have to look up to even look into her face!).  I see it as I watch my 12 year old slowly turning into a young man.  As I watch my 8 year old solve math he thought he'd never be able to do.  As I hear my 5 year old ask if she can "do school".  And I see it as I look at my 2 year old and think about how he may soon be out of diapers.

There will come a day when the only appointments I need to think about are either my hubby's or my own.  There will be a time when my house is always neat and tidy, and I can finish something I start. 

But Oh, how lonely it seems.

I am thankful that God has placed these things in my life at this time.  I sometimes need to be reminded that they are indeed blessings, and are all part of His plan.  In the midst of the craziness comes peace.  A peace that is in knowing this is all GOOD.

I love our "crazy normal"!


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