Friday, November 18, 2011

How Our Christmas Is Free, Part 3

This is a part of a series of posts sharing with you how we are "purchasing" our Christmas gifts this year for FREE!  I set out a couple of years ago to try to save money on gifts and spend more time reflecting on the TRUE reason for Christmas.  This is our journey...

Nielsen/National Consumer Panel is accepting applications for select groups again!  This has been such an EASY and fun opportunity for myself and my family.  Even our kids think it is interesting to scan products we buy with our scanner!

If you are not familiar with National Consumer Panel, it is a way to make your buying habits known to manufacturers and retailers.  If you are accepted into the panel, you will receive a scanner in the mail.  After setting up your scanner, you are all set.  All you have to do is scan each item you purchase.  You can then transmit your scans via phone each week.  It is that easy!

You will receive points for each transmission you send in.  You can also earn points taking surveys through their website.  You can then use those points to "purchase" gifts from their catalog.  Some examples of gifts are electronics, children's toys, home furnishings, kitchen gadgets, and so much more.  I have been saving my points through this year and will be "purchasing" some free Christmas gifts for our children.  I am sooo excited about FREE gifts!

To see if you qualify to be a participant, click on the following link:

Good luck and Have fun!


While it is my intent to share with you what works for our family, please know that some of the companies I share about I may receive an incentive from.  This does not change my opinion of these companies, only because I have been using them for a long time and I know and trust how they work.  I just want to share with you what works for me!

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