Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Kids To Do Chores

In our house, everyone has chores to do.  The older kids have daily chores like helping with dishes, and the younger kids have chores they do weekly like emptying garbage cans or dusting.  It's funny how the younger kids want to do chores, while the older ones sigh when they have to do theirs.  How do you get the kids to continue their enthusiasm for helping out around the house?

A BIG mistake I made with our older kids was to squelch their desire to help out.  They weren't doing it the way I would, or it would just be easier to do it myself.  As we added children to our family, I realized that I couldn't do everything myself and needed help.  The older kids didn't have chores to do when they were younger, so when they were older and I was asking them to do things, it really WAS a chore! 

The biggest way I've learned to help our kids retain the enthusiasm for helping around the house is just to let them.  Our 6 year old recently wanted to help fold her clothes.  I gave her the washbasket and she folded them all.  They were far from perfect, but they were folded(ish ☺).  I gave her lots of compliments and praise, and we put them in her dresser together.  She was glad to help out and was satisfied that she did a good job.  With our older kids, I KNOW I would have refolded them and crushed their hearts and desire to help out again.  My heart hurts knowing that I did just that.

Let your kids work side by side with you.  It won't be perfect, and probably won't be pretty.  But as they grow and learn, you will be happy to have their help~with glad hearts.



  1. I blessed my friends who are raising children in the love of the Lord with this post. I so enjoy all your posts. Thanks be to God for you. God's grace,peace,light, and love to you,your sister in Christ Doreen XO

  2. Great post, Jess. I blogged about this subject recently. :)

  3. Hi Jess, thank you so much for linking with me. If that is one thing I remember from my childhood is my mum re-doing whatever I did, I remember being so crushed and then annoyed when she asked, and in my later years I have struggled with confidence and motivation issues around housework. I think this is a wonderful post to encourage mumma's to let go of perfect and retain enthusiasm. Have a wonderful blessed day. Tara.

  4. Excellent! When my older children were quite young, I read "401 Ways To Get Your Children To Word At Home" -- it changed my views of what children could do!! And when you have larger families, it is IMPERATIVE that the children learn to work around the house! Thanks for linking this post up with me.

  5. Jess...fabulous post! I baby stepped my children into chores, assigning age friendly jobs and, yes, much praise even if it wasn't up to my standard. Letting go and letting them was not easy but I learned it was best in encouraging them to help. Your post offers good encouragement and I am thankful you shard it at WJIM. Blessings.

  6. I agree with you 100%, children should ALL be contributing around the home in some way.
    I can also sooo relate with taking over the chores when they are 'not done quite good' enough, so I end up doing a re-do!
    Ahhh..boy. Great reminder for this Mama today :)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Found you on the Proverbs 31 Link Up.


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