Friday, February 22, 2013

Hospitality~~Does It Matter Anymore?

I know a couple of women from church who are a great example of hospitality.  One even built their home around the kitchen and dining area, because they knew that these two rooms were going to be the hospitality center of their home.

We've been watching the Walton's series, and it struck me how hospitable Mamma Walton is.  Everyone who stops over at their house is asked it they would like some coffee, or supper.  She even invites the junk salesman in for supper!  The were a poor family without much means, but they were willing to share what God had blessed them with.

Am I like that?  I'd like to say YES!, but in reality, I know I'm not!  There are all kinds of excuses I could put up as reasons, but they are just that~excuses.  I do enjoy when someone comes over to our home.  But I'm usually too busy obsessing about the condition of the house to just sit and enjoy the company.

As we prepare to move into the house hubby grew up in, I have a lot of reminders of hospitality there also.  Hubby has told me many stories of Sunday visits after the evening service~where his mom made homemade donuts and coffee.  The adults sat and talked and the kids played.  He remembers very few Sunday evenings where this did NOT happen and he really looked forward to it.

I'm praying that this tradition will continue with me.  Somewhere on the road of life, we stopped inviting other's over.  Whether it's for a meal, coffee, or sitting on the deck with lemonade.  Inviting someone into your home and visiting shows you care.  Taking time to slow down, and just chat is also good for the soul.  It's good for our kids to be involved with other families, and it is good for us too!

So after we get the boxes unpacked, I'm planning on inviting other's into our home on a regular basis.  Who wants to be the first over?



  1. Hospitality matters. It's in the warmth of hospitality that people find comfort - just think of how Mary, Martha & Lazarus provided a warmth for Jesus in their home... I think you have a real makings of a "Bethany" for your new home.

  2. I love this post as it mirrors my thoughts exactly! I loving having guests but I find it hard to relax if my house is a mess. I've started making a real effort to keep it tidy just in case of unexpected guests...and if I know we are having guests I try to prepare as much of the food before hand so I can spend time with people instead of slaving away in the kitchen!

    So glad to have found your blog from the mommy moments blog hop :)

  3. I do! :) Yeah, you're right...I struggle with this as well. I want to want people over...but honestly, I really just want to be left alone. Isn't that horrible? selfish I feel just writing that out, but it's the truth. I struggle with sharing my time... There's a Bible verse that God put in there just for me: "Offer hospitality without grumbling." Why did he have to do that? Ha!! :)

    I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you haven't already!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. You are speaking my language. I love the idea of hospitality, but I rarely take the initiative to make plans. When I do and the day arrives, I am often wishing I hadn't made the planes, that I'm too tired, etc. However, the company comes and we always have a good time. It is just something that has to be planned and committed to. The memories and traditions are wonderful, and I hope you move forward with your plans!

  5. Excellent post. I really am making getting back to hospitality a priority. Thanks for linking up.


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