Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

This weekend we had a snowstorm that affected almost the entire state.  I love snowstorms.  I have a feeling of anticipation when a large amount of snow is expected.  Thankfully, it happened over a weekend, so there were no worries about driving in the snow.  We watched movies, had a lot of hot chocolate, slept in, and some of us stayed in our pajamas all day.  Overall, it was a good weekend!  Here are some pictures of the weekend!

 The same picture, only this time with the flash and you can see how much it is snowing!

 doesn't it look pretty??
 the neighborhood...

 it is hard to tell, but the snow drift on our deck is taller than our son!

 the kids love the snow....
 while daddy...not so much!

 my snowman!!  8)
This week looks a lot quieter, although it is going to be very cold.  The high today is only going to reach 5!!  Another good day to stay inside!  I am very thankful for my warm home!

Have a great week!


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  1. We were too far north to get the snow, but that's okay because we already have over a foot of it on the ground. We are getting the frigid temps, though. -20 last night and the night before. My little goats are shivering in their barn.


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