Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wearing Skirts...

Amy, at Raising Arrows has started a series on wearing skirts.  This is a subject that I have been pondering for a few months.  While reading the Bible one day, I felt the Lord press on my heart that I should be wearing skirts.  I dismissed and ignored this feeling for a few weeks.  I don't have any dresses or skirts except what I wear to church, and I certainly couldn't wear them during the week.  Our finances don't allow for me a whole new wardrobe~especially with spring coming and 5 children needing spring/summer clothing.  Then there is what I call the "ME" factor.  I am not sure I want to go down this road.  I don't know if I want to wear dresses/skirts every day.  What would I look like or say to people who ask?

But the Lord kept pressing.  I have met women in our homeschool group that were wearing skirts and dresses.  That still small voice kept pressing.  I could check thrift stores to see if I could find skirts.  That still small voice kept pressing.  Within a week I read two different bloggers talk about their journey to wearing only skirts/dresses.  Then THIS post by Amy introducing her series on wearing skirts.  OK...the voice just got louder!  And now I'm listening!

Amy states in her blog, that as Christians we are to be set apart.  This was the basis on which she is switching to wearing skirts.  Skirts are feminine and in this world, women looking feminine is being set apart!  This really spoke to me!  And I completely agree with her!

While our finances still are a factor, I know that if the Lord wants me to do this...He will provide a way for it to happen.  I am leaving this up to Him, and have agreed to listen and do whatever His will is for myself.  Whether you wear skirts or jeans, have thought about wearing skirts or not, I hope you will join us at Raising Arrows for this journey!


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