Friday, April 1, 2011

There's No Longer A Baby In The House...

I am having a hard time with acceptance today. 

We have been talking for a few weeks now about moving Sunshine into a "big boy" bed.  He turned 2 last month and we knew it would be coming soon.  He hadn't started climbing out of his bed, YET...but we knew it would be coming.  I have started a quilt for the big boy bed, and Sport (whom he shares a room with) has been excited about getting the bunk bed out again.  Even though I knew it would be coming, it was just talk.

Until today.  I put Sunshine down for a nap, nothing unusual about the routine.  I went downstairs and a short while later.....Sunshine comes down the stairs and says "Hi Mommy!".  I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.  I went upstairs thinking (hoping) that Stinkerbelle must have gotten him out of his crib.  Of course she didn't!  Sunshine not only got himself out of his crib, but was extremely excited to share with all of us his latest tricks!  One of the kids would put him back into the crib, and he would just climb out in true spiderman fashion!

I called hubby at work and told him that we will now be spending tomorrow putting up the bunk beds.  He laughed about it!  And I am near tears about it!  My baby is growing so fast.   Leaving the crib is one of the last pieces of the baby years.  Years I am not quite so ready to leave yet.  So as I snuggle with my "baby" before bed tonight (not yet sure how we are going to do this tonight~he never did get the nap this afternoon!) I will be cherishing the time.  I know all to soon they grow and you have a teenager who doesn't want to snuggle at all anymore. 

I have loved all the stages with my kids...but does it have to go soooo fast?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh Jess you are so right...those days seem so fleeting for me...I miss them dearly. Our youngest is 11 and our youngest four were all adopted at older ages...other than our Thai son who was adopted at 16 months. I missed so much of the other ones who were much older. Those days were never mine to begin with, so I cherish every day even more. And my bio kids are all in their 20's and those days were here once and gone the we are going to be grandparents for the first time in approx. 5 weeks...and a new chapter of our lives...I'm so ready to be a grandma...but not ready for the coming of age that goes along with that.

    Savour every moment cause you are goes so quickly.



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