Monday, April 11, 2011

What I Let The Kids Watch

We don't watch a lot of television around here.  We purposely put our TV downstairs so it was not in the main room of the house.  But when I do let the kids watch television, there is not much to choose from.  We don't subscribe to cable, so we just get antenna television.  During the day, PBS kids is usually a good choice.  But what if it isn't during the day on a weekday?

I used to like Hulu on the computer.  They have tons of old shows (and some new) to watch right on your computer.  Our favorite show was Harold and the Purple Crayon (which they have since lost the rights to show).  But Hulu has questionable ads playing before and during the shows.  Seriously, does my 4 year old need to see a Viagara commercial during the middle of a children's show?  Who is in charge of the placement of these ads?

I recently got an e-mail from Focus on the Family announcing a new website called Jelly Telly.  I checked it out and I think it is my new favorite for the kids.  They have games to play but also have some video's to watch.  We can watch Adventures in Odyssey (I love this show!), Last Chance Detectives(a favorite for our 8 and 12 year old sons), and a new one called Buck Denver and Friends.  It is created by the same guys who created Veggie Tales.  They are short videos (around 15 minutes) wholesome to watch, and help teach the Bible to the younger kiddo's.  We have been enjoying them around here!

Decide for yourself if you like it or not, I just thought I'd share what we think is better when we do let our kids watch television.

Have a great day!


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