Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Does Your Face Look?

I was recently reading something (although I can't remember the title) about how we mother our children.  It talked about how our children see themselves through OUR actions and words.  Do they see the love we have for them as we are speaking with them?  Or do they see frustration at being distracted from whatever we are doing at that moment?  It made me think about how my face looks when I am talking with my children.  And it made me ashamed of how my face looks when I am talking with my children.

We have five children.  When I am talking with one child, there is never any doubt that someone else is saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy".  Or another one is trying to jump off the back of the couch.  I sometimes get distracted and don't even have my eyes on the child that is speaking to me.  Or I interupt in the middle of a conversation to tell another someone to "quit jumping off the couch", or "we must share", or one hundred other things that could be going on in our household!

But what I am ashamed about is how my face looks when I am angry or frustrated with someone.  I KNOW my face speaks volumes more than anything I could be saying to them.  I am telling my kids that they are not special to me at that moment.  I am making my kids feel really rotten for whatever minor offense they just committed (and lets face really is a minor offense!).  I am telling my kids that they are the reason that mom is frustrated or angry or whatever.  Instead of getting myself in check before talking with them, I am placing that responsibility on them.  And they don't deserve that.

I am going to work on this.  My children are special.  They are God's perfect gift to myself and my husband.  And I want to TRAIN them to be Godly young men and women.  Not yell at them with my wicked face.  I don't ever want them to feel that I would be happier if they were not in our family at that moment.  That is not the kind of mother I want to be for them.  I want them to always know that they are special and that I love them always no matter what!

How does your face look??



  1. Great and convicting post. I've had similar thoughts about my face and tone and words. I don't want them to remember me frazzled or see me frustrated with them. They are all blessings.

    (I found you via the raising arrows blog -- I was intrigued by your comment and popped over.)

  2. Dear Jess,
    I agree with you here. How we respond as well as what we say makes a huge impression on our children.
    I need to remind myself of this one daily too
    God Bless


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