Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick of Being Sick!!

We are well into our second week of being sick around here!  So far everyone but one child has gotten it~yes, we know what his odds are!!  Hubby and I are both sick (not good!) right now.  We've had the colds, cough, congestion, just feeling yucky stuff going around the house.  We had to take Stinkerbelle in this weekend because her ears were so infected that she was in terrible pain.  I have almost completely lost my voice~and I'm not so sure everyone thinks that is a bad thing!!

I had read earlier this fall that elderberry syrup helps keep a person healthy, and helps if you do get a cold.  I had been making it all winter, and we have had a pretty good winter with not getting colds.  I ran out of honey and didn't get any more right away.  So we didn't have elderberry syrup for a while and now look what happens.  This is enough proof for me that it really works!  I made a batch the other day and was teasing everyone that we would be drinking it by the glass full!  I will share the recipe when I am feeling better.

I hope you are feeling better than we are and have a great day!

***UPDATE*** I took myself and Sunshine to Urgent care clinic tonight.  I have an ear infection and STREP throat!  Sunshine also has an ear infection.  Guess we both had a good reason for feeling so bad!  We've both started on antibiotics and I'm praying we'll have better days ahead!


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