Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frugal Living~Body Wash for Less

I love to use body wash when I am taking a shower.  There are so many scents out to choose from.  But they can be so expensive.  Around here they range from $5-$8 EACH!  Sometimes I can get them for just over a dollar if I have a good coupon and they are on sale.  But I am not going to pay full price for them.

I recently found a way to get a great smelling body wash much cheaper!  I use shampoo!  I can get a large bottle of Suave shampoo for around a dollar~almost free if I have a coupon and use it along with a sale!  Suave has many floral scents to choose from.  I just put a little bit on a washcloth and lather it up.  It makes a good lather, has a good scent, and leaves me feeling clean.

Have a great day!



  1. Sounds nice...does it dry your skin at all?

  2. No, not at all. I almost always use Suave shampoo, and have not had a problem with dryness. Might want to say, I usually don't have problems with any product, so I can't say how it would feel to someone with sensitive skin. Thanks for stopping by!


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