Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome Home!

our new home
Sorry for the delay in blogging.  It has been quite the month!  The biggest reason for my lack of blogging has simply been that we did not have internet for over 3 weeks.  We thought we were getting our internet hooked up the Monday after we moved in, but after someone stopped by the house to get us set up, we found out that we are actually unable to have that type of internet service here.  We are just outside the city limits (a mile out of town!), and that makes us a rural location.  In our part of the state, rural area's have difficulty getting internet service.  After several phone calls (and several hours along with it!) we finally found a provider and had service started.  So to get you caught up, here is what we've been up to for the past month....
We moved to our new home.  This is the home that hubby grew up in.  We have already started doing some work on both the inside and outside of the house as it hasn't really been updated since it was built 44 years ago.  We have cut down some of  the overgrown landscaping, so the above picture is already outdated!  Our moving day started out with this....
SNOW!!  We were praying for good weather, but had to deal with the snowfall we received overnight.  We are thankful that we didn't have to deal with the snow all day long!

The mess just before we started moving~~this is just one room, though!
Our oldest child turned 16!  How fast time flies when you're not looking!

Investigating outdoors at our new property.

Birthday party with our family for my mother and father in law.  They were born on the same day 5 years apart!  This is a quilt with hand prints of our entire family members that I made for them.

And last, but certainly not least, we took a trip last week to the Creation Museum.  It was a great trip, and I'll share it with you on another post.  I will say if you ever get the chance to go here, take it~you won't regret it!  We loved the museum!
Thanks for sticking with me.  I promise I'll get back into the swing of blogging again! 
Have a blessed day!



  1. Awesome! We bought my husbands grandparents house and gutted it and added on and totally re-did it so I know where you are coming from. We didn't move in it until most big projects were completed though. We too started by getting rid of overgrown landscaping - it was crazy!

    I may have asked this before but I can't remember, Where are you located? We are in Western WV.

  2. Hey Jess, I am so glad you are back I have missed the posts. Thank you for catching us up. So animals are allowed and are you guys all tucked in and getting comfortable. Did you move out of state or local? God's grace, peace, light and love to you and yours I will continue lifting you up in my prayers!!! Doreen

  3. Jen and Doreen,
    We live in Wisconsin and moved from inside the city limits to a mile outside the city limits. We now have a large yard which is a blessing for our family. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but it's all good and we're looking forward to making it "ours"! Thanks for stopping by!


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