Tuesday, May 14, 2013

20 Things I Have Learned In 20 years!

As part of my celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary, I'm sharing with you a few things I've learned about both marriage and my hubby along the way!  Some I learned the hard way, others came more easily.

  1. Marriage is never easy, but always worth it!
  2. Love really does grow stronger as time goes by.
  3. Hubby is not always right, but neither am I {one of the hard learned lessons}!
  4. I am looking forward to the years when we are both old and gray, and will be able to look at our future generations.
  5. The time to have a deep conversation is NOT when the Packers are playing or when a Nascar race is on.
  6. Watching a man try to conform to the will of God is a wonderful sight.
  7. That it is easier to just put the seat down myself~and believe that this is just part of God's will for women!
  8. That family vacations MUST hit the road no later than 4 AM!
  9. That my man shows his love for me and other's differently than I do.  And that is OK.
  10. There is no better sight than to see our baby sleeping soundly on my hubby's chest.
  11. When a man doesn't like vegetables, he won't eat them.  Stop trying to make him by telling him to do it for the kids!
  12. Apologize! {'nuff said!}
  13. Making the bed is just not on his "to~do" list.  He doesn't understand why anyone would spend time arranging the bed, just so you can jump into it again and mess it all up again!
  14. Husbands are given a measure of wisdom that will grow only if us wives let it.
  15. I will never have to kill a spider!
  16. Doing the little things will bless my husband.  Things like having the house picked up when he gets home, picking up something for him at the hardware store, or making his favorite meal will let him know he is important to me.
  17. A little encouragement will last a long time.
  18. Communication is very important.  It sometimes takes a lot of effort, but we just can't read each other's minds.
  19. Learning each other's love language is so very helpful.  I encourage all newly married couples to learn this right away in marriage.  It really will make a difference in your marriage.
  20. I am very blessed to have my hubby in my life.


  1. Very good! Laughing at number 7. I am the same way. I have actually always said "I don't lift if for them so it is fine by me that they leave it up". lol

  2. Hi Jess, love love love this. I am adding it to my list of favourites (a tab on my blog). A place I go to remind myself of the important stuff and where I hope others needing to see this, will find it.
    God bless

  3. Happy 20th anniversary! These are 20 great points. And yes, a happy, healthy, loving marriage is always worth whatever it took to get there!

  4. Jess, those are EXCELLENT insights. Congratulations on 20 years and thanks for sharing this with my link-up!

  5. Love this! I should have done this for my 30th anniversary which I celebrated last week!! Wonder if it is too late?

    Thanks for joining me for Marriage Monday!



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