Friday, May 31, 2013

Updates On Our Homestead

Since we moved 2 months ago, we've been very busy.  You might remember we moved into the house hubby grew up in, the house my father~in~law built almost 45 years ago.  While the house is in good shape, it has not been updated since it was built.  We have been busy painting, carpeting, ripping out overgrown shrubs, transplanting flowers and plants, and starting a garden~just to name a few things.

the kitchen wallpaper
after we removed the wallpaper and painted the kitchen

hubby creating a garden for me
there was not only wallpaper on this wall, but also a {almost} full wall landscape mural papered on it.  While the wallpaper came off fairly easy, this mural did not!

our little ones like to pitch in, too! 

I love this picture~helping out daddy
life isn't all work, though!  We do get to enjoy our yard and home, too!
This weekend we are ripping off an OLD solar panel unit off the house.  We {think} that mice are getting in our basement through the old venting.  Another joy of country living~rodents!  Have a great weekend!


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  1. love. we to have been in a building ad remodel phase for several years now. love ur new blog design too.


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