Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday~Week 2~WATER

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The adult body is made of approximately 60% water on average.  Water is necessary for much of our body systems to work properly.  One of those body systems is the brain.
When I started my weight loss journey, I also started drinking more water.  Lots and Lots of water.  I looked up just how much water I should be drinking in a day.  I found lots of conflicting data.  So, I made the decision to focus on drinking more water, not how much water I'm drinking. 

I have been dealing with water retention lately.  I know it sounds counter productive to add more water to the body when you're already retaining it.  But I believe it has definitely helped my water retention.  Drinking water flushes your body and lets you get rid of the excess water.  My skin looks and feels much better.   When I feel hungry, I take a large drink and wait before eating anything else.  Did you know that many times you feel hunger, your body is actually looking for hydration?  I am not dealing with fatigue and I am also thinking more clearly since increasing my water intake.  When the body is hydrated properly, all systems work better!

I have a large water bottle on the counter and fill it up several times a day.  It already has become a habit to stop and take a drink during the day.  This is a habit I hope to continue even after trying to loose weight.'d I do this week?
My Results:

Weight loss this week~ 6 pounds

Total weight loss~  10 pounds

Amount left to get to goal~30 pounds

I was amazed to see how much I had lost this week.  As I said last week, I know I was losing a lot of water weight.  I now have something that actually resembles ankles and my shoes slip right on.  When I lost weight several years ago, I lost quite a bit of weight at the beginning, then it slowed down to 1-3 pounds per week.  So, while I am excited...I know this is not to be expected every week. 

How did you do this week?


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