Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Impromptu Round Of Frisbee

We had just got home from our local county fair.  There were dirty feet to clean, messy heads to comb, and pj's to get on.  Each child carried with them a bag filled with candy, pencils and paper.  A couple kiddo's were lucky enough to receive Frisbee's from a local business.
As we got out of the van, that's when it happened.
Someone threw a Frisbee.
Followed by the other one.
Soon we were all enjoying Frisbee throwing on the front lawn.  We threw.  We caught.  Some did not!  We laughed.  We rolled. 
I savored the moment.  Drank it all in. 
As darkness crept on us and bedtimes passed, I kissed hubby and said "this is what life is all about".
My family playing together.  Enjoying a beautiful summer evening.  An impromptu round of Frisbee.
No worries.  Just family.
Life is good!
God is Good!

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