Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Or Frugal Summer Things To Do As A Family

I know summer is almost over for many of us.  We have a couple of weeks left before we hit the books and school begins.  Even so, we can enjoy these last few days of summer together and not spend a lot of money.  Here's a few things we like to do!

Go to the lake.  Lake Michigan is about an hour away from us, and there is a certain beach we like to go to.  We pack a picnic, put on our bathing suits, and spend the day swimming, building sand castles, and enjoying the sun.

Take a hike!  We have several state parks within an hour's distance that have nice trails to hike on.  We of course have to be picky as we need wheelchair accessibility, but for those who don't, you can go almost anywhere to enjoy some outside time!

Wash the car.  Yes, I am serious!  Our smaller kiddo's love to do this!  They get to have fun with the water while helping out on a chore {we all win!}.

Watch a cheap movie.  We have a movie theatre nearby that has $2 movies on Thursday and Friday mornings during the summer.  They are usually older movies, but they are kid friendly. 

Camp out in the backyard.  We love to go camping, but sometimes it's just as good to be in your own backyard.  We get a fire going, have s'mores {of course!}, and sleep in our sleeping bags.  We might sleep in our camper, or sometimes we put up our tent.  Either way our kids are happy!

PLAY!  This is something we've not spent much time doing this summer.  We've been so busy working on the house, that we've neglected playing together.  Whether it's Frisbee, badminton {I love to play this and we haven't gotten our net out even once this summer!}, baseball, soccer, or a good game of tag~~just get outside and play together!

Whatever you do, spending some family time together before the summer ends and school routines begin will be time well spent! 



  1. Great list!! We love being outside and sometimes I run out of things to do to keep us all having fun! Thank you for the ideas!

  2. What a great blog! I love simple and inexpensive things too. I don't have a family of my own yet. Perhaps one day God will give me one. But even so, I enjoy time with my parents and grandmother and friends. As a single adult I find that spending time with people I love is absolutely priceless! I never regret doing so.

    And I find that being outside and in nature, beach or mountains, always brings me closer to God. I appreciate Him more deeply, perhaps because I have less distractions around me.

    Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family. I am your newest follower. God bless!


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