Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Others Think Of Children

This week our oldest two children left for church camp.  They left Monday and we will pick them up on Saturday morning.  For me, this is a long time for my children to be gone.  For them, they are loving every minute of it!  They are with other children from Wisconsin and Illinois who are part of our church's denomination.  They make new friends, catch up with old ones, swim, canoe, play lots of games, and enjoy praise and worship time.

One thing I have become aware of this week is how other people see their children.  I can see this through their words.  I have said to several people this week that our oldest two kids are at church camp this week.  After I say this, I'm almost always told "So you get a bit of a break this week".  I know the people who are saying this really don't mean anything bad or insulting by it, but it got me to thinking.

While I know that my kids are having a great time at camp, I miss them.  I miss seeing them, talking to them, just having them around.  Why is it that because we have many children, people think that we won't miss a few when they are gone?  Or that because we have many children, we need a break from them now and then.  I didn't have children just to find ways to be away from them.  Even though we have 5 children, we love each of them.  They are each individuals and contribute something to our family.  We have several children, yes.  But we have different personalities and different children. We love them all and do miss them when they are gone.

It makes me a little sad when I hear other's ask me if I'm glad to get a "break" for the week.  I became a mom 14 years ago, and will never have (or need) a break from my children.  How many other's are looking for that "break" from their children?  How do those children feel knowing that Mom or Dad are looking forward to them being gone for a while?  It is a sad thought.

Enjoy your day, and enjoy your children!


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