Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm SO Excited!!!

I have won another Give~away!!  I have seriously never won any other give~away and I have been chosen in not one, but two give~aways over the past couple of weeks!  I am super excited to get this one over at Broad Horizons Homeschool Blog.  It is a DVD from the West ladies about quilting!  I am very new to quilting and would love to learn from these ladies.  I have another DVD from them and it was very informative.  I'm hoping for the same for this one.  I could stand to learn a thing or two (or 100 or 1000) about quilting.  YEAH!

In other news around here, the storm of the decade (as it has been called on the news) is over and done with.  Clean up is well underway!  We didn't get as much snow as they were originally predicting, but the wind made blowing snow a huge problem.  They shut down many roads and highways over the night.  We are done snow blowing our driveway and sidewalks, and helped a few neighbors as well.  The sun is out and it is pretty outside.  It is very cold now though, and temps are going to drop even lower.
snow drift out our garage door!

Good day to stay inside and get a few projects done.  I have been working on our pictures today.  The photo albums have been neglected over the past few years, and we have many pictures just stuck in a box.  I am organizing them and getting them into the albums where they belong! 

My copy of Large Family Logistics arrived in the mail yesterday!  I have gotten a good start on it, and feel it will be a good help for our family (me in particular!)  I have felt convicted about some of the things in the book already, so this book is also helping to confirm some of those things.  Even if you don't have a "large" family (what is large anyways?), this book might be worth reading for you!  I'll let you know more as I read more!

Have a great day!


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