Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 365~January 2011

More pics from my project 365!

This first one needs some explanation!  My mom made this for our dishwasher because we were having a problem with trying to put away dirty dishes, or putting dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher.  So we put this on the dishwasher and everyone knows if it is clean or dirty (well...as long as we remember to turn it around!).  The problem came when this mysteriously disappeared.  No one knew where it went.  We decided that the baby must have thrown it away.  He went through a stage where he always wanted to play with this, but he was also throwing everything he could get his hands on into the garbage.   It had been missing for several months!  It showed up unannounced back on the dishwasher on this day.  I was going crazy trying to figure out where it came from and how it just appeared back on the dishwasher.  Finally our oldest son (the comedian!) confessed that he found it under the stove and put it back on the dishwasher!  It was a bit dusty (no, I don't often clean under my oven!), but no worse for the wear!

Day 18

Day 19
the kids love to snuggle with Daddy in the morning!

Day 20

hubby took us out to lunch~no, we didn't eat outside!

Day 21

School's closed and the ski trip is cancelled too!

Day 22

painting the basement

Day 23

my daughter wanted me to give her a facial

Day 24

Grocery shopping day!

Day 25

had fun coloring

day 26

spilled pretzels on the floor~someone was holding the bag upside down!

Day 27

baby with the hives(this looks good compared to how he looked later)!

Day 28

family pizza and movie night!

Day 29

the baby got ahold of the camera and shot a pic of himself!

Day 30

animal tracks in the yard

Day 31

icicles on the garage and snow beginning to fall

I am really enjoying this project, and I hope that my photography skills will improve by the end of the year.  Right now I feel like all the pictures are the same, but I hope to get some variety in them soon.  I'm just impressed with the fact that I actually remembered to take a picture every day!  Check back later this month for more pictures from project 365.

Have a great day!


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