Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Activities....

Our house has been neglected over the past few weeks, so today was a cleaning day.  The kids all helped (even the littles!) and we are pretty much caught up.  I just finished mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors and we're just waiting for them to dry.  There are a couple of loads of laundry to finish, but then we should be in good shape.  I am reading the book "Large Family Logistics" and there is a lot of good advice in this book about how to avoid the major cleaning days by having routines.  That is one area I've needed to work on.  Ever since baby #5 was born (almost 2 years ago!), I have struggled with keeping routines.  I am not sure why, but after starting this book, I can see the need to get into a routine and keep it.  I think part of the problem is that we have had so many appointments in the past year for two of our kiddo's, that it just seemed impossible to stick to one.  The appointments may have lessened in quantity, but we are never going to be without them.  We have 5 children after all.  Between dentists, doctors, therapists, haircuts, and specialists~we cover one or more of them each month!  I would love to be able to make routine checkups for all the kids in one day, but neither our dentist or our doctor wants to take that much time out of their schedules.  So I try to make those appointments around the time of each child's birthday.  Anyways, I have learned a lot already from this book, and am not finished with the book yet.  I recommend it to anyone!

So....I just need to start tomorrows dinner, and finish up the laundry yet this afternoon.  I am pretty sure my husband is putting up anything we have for the Green Bay Packers in the basement right now!  He is pretty excited that the Packers are again in the Super bowl. 

Have a great weekend!


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