Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Devotional for Teens

I'm looking for a good devotional to do with my 13 year old daughter.  She is working through one now, but I would really like to find one that we could do together.  Something where we could talk about things facing teen girls, and look through scripture to find answers to those challenges. 

I'm hoping some of you may have a good one that you have done with your daughters.  Any suggestions?




  1. Hi, Jess!
    My girls are little bitty, so I don't have anything that I have used personally that I can recommend for a 13 year old. But I did want to pass on a website for you. At the homeschool conference I went to this past summer there was a gal speaking on raising girls/purity/etc. and they have lots and lots of books for girls of all ages on their website. I loved some of the things I saw at their vendor booth at the conference, and can't wait till my girls are older. Anyway, just thought I'd share their website with you, and maybe you can find something on there. :)


    Blessings, Amber

  2. Thanks so much for this information. This is a great website, it even has purity rings, which is something else our daughter would like to have. Thanks for stopping at my blog. New friends are always great!!


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