Friday, November 5, 2010

This and That...

This has not been a good week for my blog.  I feel that I have neglected it this week.  But as we all know, motherhood has that effect on a person (or blog!).  This has just been "one of those weeks".

It started off good, but somewhere along the way it turned crazy.  Oh, I was when my 2 middle school children came home and said that 27 middle schoolers were sent home with head lice!


My kids go to a small school.  Twenty seven middle schoolers is about 1/3 of the middle school!  So I started checking heads.....often!  My 8 year old keeps telling me that his teacher checks their heads every morning and he doesn't need me to check him.  Hey, it's not like I don't trust his teacher.  I'm just a control freak....who does NOT want lice in the house.  Our 20 month old can't figure out why mom is always trying to get him to sit still to play with his head.  Then you have my 13 year old daughter who is convinced that she has lice and is asking me to check her head 3-4 times a day. 

Well....guess what!  Yep, last night we found eggs and 1 louse in her hair.  She was mortified.  I wanted to cry!  I have never had to deal with lice before, but have had many conversations with other moms this week about it~so I was ready.  One can't get the shampoo in our little town.  It is spreading pretty quickly around our town, both the public school and our private school have it.  It is also spreading around neighboring communities, so it has become a hot seller.  I finally found a Walgreens in the next town that had it, so I ran over there this morning to get it.  It was the last one on the shelf!  We kept all the kids home today, shampoo'd and combed our girl, spent the day washing everything in hot water, and vacuumed anything with fabric in the house.  We are praying that it stops with her and no one else gets it!

Hopefully now things will settle down and next week will be smoother.  It is always something around here....and it isn't always fun!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. My children got head lice from a relative who had come to visit. We medicated, cleaned, medicated, cleaned and cleaned some more. This is the third time in my mommy career that it's happened. I don't get so shook anymore. Still, those little boogers are unneccesary.
    Don't forget to vacuum the upholstery in the cars if it's fabric.


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