Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When You Give A Kid A Camera.....

Sunday night Sweetcheeks came running to the house saying yelling "Mom, Mom, come quick, there is a rainbow and GIVE ME THE CAMERA RIGHT NOW!!"  After Hubby and I stopped laughing, we gave her the camera and went out to see the rainbow (it was so faint we hardly could see it!).  When I checked the pictures she had taken, I found she had taken more than just the rainbow.  She even changed the settings on the camera~although I'm pretty sure that was an accident!  Here is her photography debut!!

Can you see the rainbow?  It is very faint, but if you look hard you'll see it.

I always wondered what a bugs eye view would be!

love this one!

the city in the sandbox

another bugs eye view!

our kitty Whiskers by our wood pile

playing and having fun

I thought she did a pretty good job.  Maybe photography is in her future?!

Have a great day!


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