Friday, January 21, 2011


School's cancelled.  Our daughter's ski trip is cancelled.  I'm not sure what she is most upset about~the cancelled ski trip or the fact that she got out of bed and had breakfast only to find out 15 minutes before we would leave for school that school is cancelled.  This is definately a day to stay snuggled in bed.  Unfortunately....all of our children are up and ready to start the day!  I think we'll snuggle under quilts and blankets and watch some movies, make popcorn and hot chocolate!

Have a warm day!


Added:  I didn't realize that the above graphic updates as the temp changes.  When I wrote this post, the temp was -11 degrees and the windchill was -25.  I know that some of you have much colder temps regularly, but for us that is just plain COLD!!


  1. Oh, brrrrrr!!!! Hope you guys are staying warm!

  2. Hey! You won "A Walk in My Shoes" DVD giveaway. I sent you an me back w/in 48 hours. Blessings!


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