Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was recently reading Amy's post over at Raising Arrows about contentment.  That post could have been written by me--well except for the fact that she is patiently waiting for a baby-who is long overdue-and I am not!! :)

She wrote about trying to be content in all situations, not just the joyful ones.  I have been struggling with this same thing lately.  She discussed her desire to live in the country-which has been a desire of mine for some time.  Ironically enough, we moved to our city (well, you might want to call it a town) 2 years ago.  We lived in an unincorporated town-it basically had one street in it-and wanted to move into town.  Our oldest children were growing into the stage of sports and friends.  We thought it would be wise to move closer to church, school, and my husbands job.  And we were completely blessed to receive the home we have.  It is absolutely perfect for our family.  We have a child who uses a walker and wheelchair, and our home has no steps--perfect for him.  We have more bedrooms in this home than our previous one--perfect because just after we bought this home, we found out we were expecting baby #5.  It is close to school, grocery, work, pharmacy, etc that we can walk or ride bike in nice weather.  We do not have a very large yard, but are close to a park-perfect. 

Then why do I have a desire to move out to the country?  I know we would not be able to afford a country property.  I know that we would have to spend more time doing yard work.  I know it would take more gas and time to go to work, school, etc.  I know then my husband would probably not be able to come home for lunch.  Still.....why my discontent???

Amy said it perfectly and it went straight to my heart.  Joy comes from the Lord.  I must be willing to surrender ALL to Him, accept my situation and circumstances, and be thankful for what He has given me.  

I am ashamed to say that 2 short years ago when we bought our home, I was so thankful, and praised God for all our blessings.  Now I have been finding fault in those blessings.  The gift He had given me was no longer "good enough". 

I have had a lot to think about the past few weeks since reading her post.  I choose to Praise God from who all blessings flow.  I have been abundantly blessed, and I choose to be content with those blessings.  I hope you can find peace in your circumstances, and know that God is the giver of all things.  You will be blessed as I have been.

Thanks Amy!

To read her post-which is a great one- click HERE!

Have a Blessed Day!

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