Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frugal Living--Make Your Own Pizza's!!

We LOVE pizza at our house!  We have made Friday nights as pizza and movie night at our house.  We all eat pizza downstairs and watch a movie that one of the kids have picked out.   We have a rotating schedule for picking movies, so everyone gets a chance to pick out the movie.  Sometimes the bigger kids don't always like what the little's pick out, but it also goes the other way around!  Anyway, for our large family (with a couple of big eaters) we could go through a lot of pizza.  I have been playing with making our own pizza's for a while now and I think I have found a recipe that everyone agrees is the best.  I make my own pizza sauce and the crust.  I make a large batch of sauce and freeze it, and just pull it out of the freezer the night before to defrost.  I am also experimenting with freezing the pizza crust as well.  The recipe for the sauce is as follows.....

Easy Pizza Sauce
2 (6oz) cans of tomato paste
2 garlic cloves
3Tb dried parsley flakes
4tsp dried onion flakes
1tsp dried oregano
1tsp dried basil
2 cups water

Combine all ingredients in a 2 quart pan.

Cook over medium-high until mixture boils.  Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes.  Cool a little and spread on pizza crust.

I make a large batch at a time, and place it in plastic containers after it has cooled and freeze it.  

I have also found THIS recipe for the pizza crust.  It is delicious and easy!  I had been using a different recipe for quite a while, but we didn't really like it.  The first time I made this recipe, everyone agreed that is was the best!  So it's a winner in our household!  I do add some wheat flour to the mix.  You can also freeze this recipe (see HERE), but beware.....  the dough will continue to rise after you wrap it up, so when she talks about placing the dough  in the coldest part of your freezer to stop the rising....please listen!!  I learned the hard way.  I placed the dough balls in my side-by-side freezer, and a while later found they had risen quite a bit already!  It would have been a funny sight if I wasn't worried that I had ruined the whole batch!

Enjoy your pizza night!!



  1. I've been looking for a yummy pizza crust recipe! The ones I've tried so far just taste like flour. I look forward to trying this one!

  2. The sauce looks great! I've been thinking about making my own pizza, but didn't know what to do about sauce. I think I am going to try your recipe out!

    God Bless!


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